The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (CD)

Did Jesus actually rise from the dead? How do we know and how can we be sure? What are the facts and where is the evidence for this claim? This CD outlines the case for the reality of Jesus’ resurrection and answers all questions and doubts raised by sceptics.


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As Christians we preach the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The scriptures & prophecies spoke of Him, and He came and fulfilled them all. Some people may ask us how do we know that He rose again? Where is the proof?  Show me the evidence.  How would we answer them?  We believe the story of the resurrection but can we provide any evidence to back this up?  Can we debate it with the sceptic?

Dr Ewan Denny, Founder and CEO of Rhema Bible School and General Overseer of Rhema Bible Churches International, examines the facts concerning Jesus’ resurrection, and offers information that will further strengthen your faith in the reality of His resurrection.  He provides you with evidence and ammunition that you can use to talk to anybody on the absolute surety, that Jesus rose from the dead.